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Tips for Preparing for your Wedding

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Wedding celebrations are special moments for you and your partner and the day has to be perfect for both of you. Here are few tips to consider before the big day.

  1. Set a date that is at least 12 months in advance to allow you to make all the necessary preparations. The wedding date should also be discussed with the two families and agreed upon.
  2. Know your own pocket - Set a realistic budget. Make sure you budget for everything you would like to have on this big day. Do ....

Lobola an African trademark of unity of families

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Lobola also known as Magadi is a token price paid by the groom’s family to the future wife’s family requesting her hand in marriage. The price is agreed upon by the two families and traditionally it is paid in the form of cattle. This method of payment is still continued in some settings. However, due to urbanization, people are no longer able to take care of cattle or do not have the space, thus opt in converting the number of cattle to money. In some cases both cattle and money ....

Blog Captured Memories: Mr & Mrs Sithole

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A beautiful wedding ceremony is a must have for every bride and the captured memories are a reminder of the day a vow was made to love and cherish each other forevermore. This month we give you a glimpse into the beautiful memories of Mr & Mrs Sithole. I still clearly remember the day when the two celebrated their union.

Our couple of the month celebrated their marriage on a beautiful summer day in October at Khutsong, Carletonville. The weather was perfect for a wedding with the ....