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Tips for Preparing for your Wedding

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Wedding celebrations are special moments for you and your partner and the day has to be perfect for both of you. Here are few tips to consider before the big day.

  1. Set a date that is at least 12 months in advance to allow you to make all the necessary preparations. The wedding date should also be discussed with the two families and agreed upon.
  2. Know your own pocket - Set a realistic budget. Make sure you budget for everything you would like to have on this big day. Do not rely on anyone else who promises to help, until they do so.
  3. Make sure you have the wedding rings and decide on other jewellery you will need. Decide on the number of guests. Will this be an open invitation or it is strictly by invitation and RSVP. Draft your guest list or a VIP list if this is an open invitation.
  4. Decide on a theme - Traditional vs western, colour scheme, etc.
  5. Choose your wedding party – choose best lady, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl and boy carefully from family and closest friend. These should also be people who will make sure that your day is special, fun and runs smoothly.
  6. Decide on the venue – whether it is at home, a park or wedding venue it is important that you share this special moment with everyone you care for.
  7. Get a professional planner if needed and start discussing all your ideas and complete a list of all services you will need.
  8. Visit venues and decide. Viewing the venue is important before making any commitments. Book the church for the ceremony and reception venue on time if the wedding is not at home. You may need a tent or shade if the wedding is at home or a park.
  9. Search for ideas and save them, surf the net for ideas. Who said dreams cannot come true? Allow yourself to dream about this day.
  10. Try on wedding dresses and start looking for other attires (bridal, groom & party)
  11. Work through your drafted list and view samples and arrange food and cake tastings. You may have to pay for this.
  12. Confirm services and make payment deposits. Note service provider clauses especially that deposit may be non-refundable.
  13. Arrange a honeymoon escape – you need this pampering and a special moment for “Just the two of you”.
  14. Be sure to create best memories and leave everlasting impressions for you and your guests.

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